WALLAUER carine multidisciplinary visual artist based in sao paulo, brazil.

copan [feature]
pandemic heroes [webseries]

irma [feature]
performances observatorio [webseries]
temporal [short]
zanzibar [short]
human playground [series] guardias da floresta [series]

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in the heart of são paulo, brazil, sits the 115 meter, 32-story high, edificio copan, not only an architectural wonder but an entity unto itself, a microcosm of everything the country stands for: the good, the bad and the ugly. filmmaker carine wallauer, a resident of copan, takes us deep into the matrix of brazils’ largest residential building to discover the complexities of being in lockdown in a building with over 5000 residents, 220 employees, 1160 apartments, 24 elevators and it’s own postal code. the building itself becomes the eyes through which we witness the growing pressure brazilians are under and becomes a microphone for the contrasting voices begging to be heard. this up close and personal story takes you past the doors and walls and into the intimate lives of the inhabitants living amidst a pandemic and having a shared human experience. through this lens, we shine a light on the growing division within a country that is being torn apart by corruption, populism, polarized politics and a collapsing democracy.

status: on development
screenplay, direction and cinematography by carine wallauer
feature documentary
executive production by clario filmes in international co-production with totem media [NL]
on development

in 2020 we won the PROAC fund from sao paulo's state governement as a foment for the development of the film